Bite Chew Swallow

I was born in March 29, 1979 named Putri Paramadita. But most people know me as Ade Putri. Thus, please, call me so. On my radio show “Food For Fun” on 97.9 FeMale Radio Jakarta, they tag me as the Foodtective.

I eat a lot. I take a picture of foods before I eat ’em. Been doing this long time before smart phone was even invented. It’s quite like a habit to me instead of praying. Excuse me, dear Lord. Not just talking about foods. Here, you’ll find some of my other writings are about social issues, movie, books, technologies, gadgets, travels and musics as well.

I’m open for any discussion. Drop me a line and let’s do it ;)


Cheers, beers & cherries.

8 thoughts on “About

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  2. Just saw your video on Masak.tv, first of all I love to see all their video. Pity I dont understand one word of your language, but that dont mind me. Just one tip though, would you the next time you’re on Masak.tv again to speak up, I couldn’t hear you!

    • Hello. Thank you for all the input. Next time I will definitely talk way louder! :) Also, I will tell them to put on subtitles. Once again, thanks!

      Pssst… Sorry for the mega-late reply. I’m getting myself active again now! *finally*

  3. Hi! I am watching “Uncharted,” and your country seems peaceful. I just wanted to say peace and blessings from Boston.

      • So cool you took the time to respond-I’m feeling famous lol! How does (if at all) does Indonesia view what’s going on here in the US as it relates to blacks? Our former president spent significant time there and I wondered how is the current admin viewed in Indonesia. Also, what would be considered Indonesian “Soul Food”?
        Terima kasih!

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