Sharing Good Things; Sharing Happiness!


Lebaran, as all we know, has several different meaning to every single person. To me, celebrating this very holy moment fulfilled of peaceful feelings and happiness, I feel like sharing good things to every person I know. By sharing things I like the most to people, I wish it is equal as sharing my truly happiness to every each one of you.

Oh, alright, and here comes another gewd news. A few weeks ago, UBER surprised me with the fact that I can translate my Lebaran inspiration into ice cream which will be produced by one of my most ice cream parlour; Island Creamery!!! Ahem. I guess gewd things always attracted to good wills, nay?

I instantly have the idea of creating Hummingbird Cake into an ice cream form as I believe Island Creamery would easily make the best outta what I have imagined. Spiced banana ice cream with hint of cinnamon, with pineapple chunks and burnt caramel covered pecan in it. Why burnt caramel? Simply because Island Creamery has that flavored ice cream which is tagged as my favorite, and I want to put something even more special just to be shared to y’all.

To have you tried my #UberIceCream would be more than a sincere happiness to me, since the pleasure is all mine. Hope you’ll like it. Enjoy, dear you, Beautiful People!

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